Yousuf Afridi, Design Thinker + Change Maker


Strategy & Design Consulting


I help organizations answer a broad range of challenging questions and turn ideas into action.


How do we gain market share without competing on price?

How do we change consumer perception of our brand?

What should we name our company?

Through brand strategy, design and advertising, I help build and rebuild brands with a defined purpose, a strong positioning, and a distinct identity with the goal of changing minds and winning customers.


How can we increase ARPU?

What can we do to reduce churn?

How do we begin to improve our Net Promoter Score?

Building a product experience your audience can't wait to try means knowing what your audience wants to try. I drill down to the needs of your audience to identify product and service experience opportunities to create value.


How should we go-to-market with this new product?

Which paid advertising channels should we invest in to increase MRR?

What can we do to lower our CPA?

You’re in it for the long haul. I want your customers to be as well. I combine big ad agency thinking with the speed, agility and resourcefulness of a startup to develop marketing roadmaps and plans of action that lead to sustainable growth.


What sets Yousuf apart is his tireless commitment to being at the forefront of digital thinking… He fosters tremendous, respectful and trusting relationships with clients. He works hard to understand clients’ businesses, and what keeps them up at night, and tries to figure out how to deliver solutions to help them address those problems.
— Matt Shoom-Kirsch, Chief Operating Officer at TAXI